The treatment of rosacea with radiofrequency


Action of NON ABLATIVE RADIOFREQUENCY and COLD PLASMA on couperose and rosacea

RFNA is an innovative and effective method that through a handpiece emits electromagnetic waves at particular frequencies. The latter, encountering tissue resistance, generate heat directly in the dermis and in the fatty tissue.

Hyperthermia only affects the subcutaneous tissue while only a slight heat sensation is felt on the surface. In the dermis there is an immediate contraction of the collagen fibers that shorten and this makes the reason for the tensor effect that is highlighted immediately after the session. The collagen denaturation causes a stimulus to produce new collagen and new elastin. Over time, after several sessions, the skin will look more compact and toned. Recent studies show the efficacy of non-ablation at 6,78 MHz and 4 MHz in the treatment of Rosacea, as the collagen fibers surrounding the dilated blood vessels form inextensible meshes that limit its further dilation

Plasmaone equipment, using frequencies at 7.68 MHz and 4 MHz, has proven to be particularly effective in treating this disease, as it combines the use of cold plasma to sterilize the surface of the skin, in addition to radiofrequency Fractional form that electronic peeling, reducing bacterial charge and sebum production that is normally associated with rosacea, in shapes that have areas characterized by papulo-pustules.


As highlighted in the work on rosacea, couperose is a vasomotor reaction to various types of stimuli, including an exaggerated hot reactivity, an abnormal emotionality for which there is vasodilatation of the capillaries of the zygomatic area, in any case of a situation that causes An emotional, characteristically and even psychosomatic stress, and may be the first step towards rosacea. There is, however, permanent abnormal dilation of the cheek capillary and often of the nose, up to the breaking of some vases and teleangectasis formation.

Plasmaone’s action is duel : on the one hand, with the cold plasma, set at 200, the percentage of on: 5-6 and the 50-percent power, is designed to disinfect the area, but without insisting too much. The effect we are looking for is that produced by

RF not ablative, setting to “superficial” (6.78 MHz) with power about 38-40, passing several times to the affected area, in order to collide with the joule effect the collagen fibers surrounding the dilated capillaries creating a An inextensible stocking around the same vases, which limits its further dilation.