Cold Plasma:

Cold plasma is a non-conventional, patented application of RF, it can be used as a fractional laser to create microscopic pores of variable depth, diameter and number of repetitions but to a temperature of 45 ° C instead of 170/200 ° C; thus allowing interventions without anaesthesia or reddening, even during the summer, and it is absolutely non-invasive. These microscopic pores are produced by the generation of medium intensity RF (radio waves) between the electrode and the skin, thus stimulating the fibroblasts which then produce collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.

Capacitive Diathermy:

Capacitive diathermy works with a much higher radiofrequency than the RF available on the market (over 1MHz), these can be selected depending on the desired depth for the treatment, which consequently can be deep, medium or superficial. It creates a magnetic field that produces a 45 ° C controlled, thermal pulse. This stimulates the HPS (heat shock proteins) producing a reparative effect which encourages the formation of new collagen. This in turn gives the effect of tension and elasticity, and provides the skin with regularity, brightness and elasticity. (firming, effective and natural). During this phase it is good to use a combination of creams with a base of antioxidant vitamins, hyaluronic acid, boswellic acid and collagen to contribute to the stimulation of the formation and repair of elastic fibres.

Pain Therapy Electrodes:

One of the more innovative methods for the treatment of chronic pain it exploits the use of radio frequency (RF); a temporary or definitive interruption technique of the painful stimulus.

This is result achieved using conventional RF that is capable of producing a thermal effect that operates at depth. The single patient adhesive electrodes are applied, the power is set, the treatment lasts 20 minutes and it is independent from the operator. The advantage of RF is the ability to be precise, effective and safe in the choice of temperatures and the amount of current delivered.