MDE Works: Italian Technology

A high tech innovative machine that uses radio frequency to stimulate skin regeneration processes, it combines the application of cold plasma which acts on the epidermis together with capacitive diathermy which acts deep within the dermis. Unique in the treatment of skin throughout every season, for all skin types and all ages.
It uses a type of non-invasive treatment that does not cause discomfort aimed at sub (dermal) ablation of the damaged areas of the epidermal surface. Consisting of ozone and other physical particles such as ultraviolet (UV) and photons, and by means of an electronic process that is protected by an international patent, it allows you to obtain results in several sessions, that would otherwise only be achieved with various types of laser and chemical peels.
In fact, it works at 45 ° C compared the 170-200 ° C necessary for use of fractional lasers and it does not require anaesthesia before treatment.

Clinical applications:

It can be applied in aesthetic medicine but it also lends itself to many various applications if used in other ways.

There are three phases:

  1. cold plasma;
  2. electric peeling;
  3. capacitive diathermy;
Cold plasma:

This produces microscopic pores with a small diameter, by means of the generation of medium intensity RF (radio waves) between the electrode and the skin, thus stimulating the fibroblasts which then produce collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.

Electric peeling:

This lifts the superficial layer of the epidermis, it is achieved by increasing the frequency of discharges per minute and can be superficial, medium or deep. This phase is used to reduce brown spots, micro scarring from acne, microscopic wrinkles, seborrhoeic dermatitis and in general, all those imperfections that occur due to increase of the stratum corneum and photo-ageing.

Capacitive diathermy:

This creates a magnetic field that produces a 45° C controlled, thermal pulse. This stimulates the HPS (heat shock proteins) producing a reparative effect which encourages the formation of new collagen and gives the skin regularity, brightness and elasticity.
During this phase, it is good to use a combination of vitamin-based, antioxidant creams.




operational simplicity

The software has been specially developed to allow even the most inexperienced operator to use the pre-prepared operating protocols for different types of treatments. This proves to be very effective, fast and intuitive even for first-time users of the machine.

For more experienced operators there is also the possibility of using a free protocol mode, in which the necessary parameters are entered manually.

During the treatment, the machine software is also able to report back to the operator on screen, in real time and with absolute precision, the impedance of tissue so that they can adjust the amount of energy delivered to the response in the tissue itself.